Food Forests – What, Where & Why

Food Forests are created  using ecological principles based on diversification and traditional wisdom with modern technologies . It depends on low external inputs and conservation of resources ensuring sustainable income to the farmers, improve rural economy and helps reduce global warming.

Unviable farming models, Environmental degradation like global warming and water scarcity, drying up of aquifers, dreadful diseases, frequent natural calamities  are threatening life on this planet. In this situation “food forest model” is applicable to any place on earth for sustainable healthy living and improving rural economy.

How Food Forests / Natural Farming is The solution?

  • One farmer family can easily take care of 5 acres single handed.
  • Uses very minimum natural resources like less than 10% water.
  • Any soil is ok for any crop in this agriculture.
  • Takes a very short time to adopt and gives income throughout the year
  • One desi cow is enough to enrich 10 acres land.
  • Trees helps in climate change, provide habitat for birds and animals

How is it possible to cultivate in any soil?

  • Earth has all the requirements for the plants to grow.
  • If weeds can come, crops also can grow.
  • Use microorganisms to enrich the soil
  • Activate the local earthworms dormant in your soil.
  • Make non available form of nutrients in soil to available form for the plants to grow with the help of desi cows to create micro climate
  • Natural pest controls in the form of complementary crops and Asthras will help
  • Use of desi seeds strengthens the crops.


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