Community based resilient food & agricultural system for a new healthy food supply chain that provides new experiences for consumers through various engagement programs improving rural economy and environment
Good Food Village Model

Can we imagine a Village without farming in India?

  • Farming is the backbone of the villages in India.
  • Agri-culture is really a culture beyond religion
  • Economy of the country depends on agriculture as it is the creator of wealth and improves the rural economy
  • Good nutritional Food is the basic need of human beings

Can we imagine living without trees & forest?

We all know the importance of  trees and forests for our survival from the air we breathe to the climate change/global warming. But who can plant trees without sustainable income?

Can we imagine without water harvesting?

As the ground water level decreasing , aquifers getting dry Rainwater harvesting is an important and vital part of developing a sustainable community ,promoting self-sufficiency and improving ground water level

Can we live healthy without Good Food?

We all know the importance of healthy nutritious food in this situation of dreadful diseases and pandemic


But  can we do anything for it ?

Yes, We can do together as a community association with farmers and villages making positive social and environmental impact developing “Good Food Villages“ through food forests

But how do we know about the authenticity of the products and its impact on society and environment?

Measuring and accounting Parameters of Good Food System Trace (GFST) – Ensures the traceability and accountability from seed to plate to consumers and participants who are the change makers who contribute to creating “ Good Food  System”  a reality and a replicable model

The parameters included in Good Food System Trace (GFST)

Social Impact

Employment, Entrepreneurship through cottage industries and community engagement programs

  • Improve rural economy
  • Community engagement for all ages sharing knowledge, skills and resources
  • Protects traditional knowledge combining modern technologies
  • Community Supported Agriculture shares the benefits & risks of farming


  • Increased productivity in farm output
  • Increased rural income
  • Low wastage

Sustainable livestock

  • Improves soil fertility
  • Grassland maintained for grazing animals

Plant and crop health

  • Less pest and low maintenance cost
  • Better growth and nutrition
  • Increased pollinators improve crop health

Health & Nutrition

  • Increased nutritional healthy products
  • Good for the environment, consumers and producers

Environmental Impact


  • Improve soil carbon sequestration
  • Improve soil organic matter
  • Biodiversity


  • Improve water table
  • Recharge aquifers
  • Improves water quality


  • Carbon sequestration
  • Improve oxygen level
  • Helps reduce global warming

Natural Resources

  • Optimal use of energy & natural resources 

  Current situation of Agriculture and Rural community

  • Agricultural production has drastically fallen due to losses as farming becoming unviable
  • Agriculture is contributing around 60% of the global warming and drying up aquifers
  • Villages are depending on cities for their daily life as the employment opportunities and wealth creation are not happening in villages

What are the causes?

  • Agriculture labor decreasing due to poor working environment with poor pay
  • Agricultural expenses have escalated due to high input costs
  • Frequent Natural disasters , uncontrolled heavy usage of Fertilizers, pesticides and using excess amounts of water reserves.
  • Unhealthy distribution system , wastage of produces and lack of local value added products
  • No transparent system for product’s authenticity for consumers to pay fair prices

What are the solutions?

  • Develop easier working environment with better pay and Farmers should avoid dependency on the external resources
  • Bringing down the cost of agricultural production and improve yield going by the natural process of farming — create food forests “ through joint venture and community farms as model
  • Establishing “community kitchens “ in rural and urban areas for distribution of nutritional tasty food , agriculture products to improve village economy and health
  • Establish food exchanges and Encourage food subscriptions , ensuring perishable items are grown on demand avoiding waste
  • Build a farm management system using block chain technology to bring transparency through traceability, accountability in the food and agricultural about sustainable healthy practices

To Tour a Good Food Village?

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Ongur Good Food Village

Good Food Village at Ongur in Tamilnadu is a community organic farm of 35+ acres completely solar fenced with infrastructure like Watchman shed, Cow shed, Manure Unit, Well and Borewell irrigation with rainhose.