SUPPORT FARMERS - Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Contract Farming & Subscription

We support natural organic farming by connecting farms, farmer communities, consumers, companies through subscription, contract farming and CSA.


CSA is a program where consumers support a group of farmers by purchasing in advance the share of produce directly from the farm or invest or involve in farming activities as joint venture. In this way, the farmers can focus more on farming activities and improving yield. The benefits are shared between CSA members, farmer groups.

CSA Privileges:

  • Fresh, tasty, healthy and nutritious natural organic produce based on your interest without owning land – Like Food products, Herbs, flowers and others
  • Learn about natural farming practices, traditional food events, involve with different communities etc
  • This arrangement rewards all stakeholders – the farmers, the consumers, the producers and the Environment – Benefits and risks are equally shared – Experiencing the joy of sharing and togetherness

Advantages of Contract Farming and Subscription – You Save and helps Farmers to Live better

Contract farming and subscription with our community farms benefits the farmers, producers,  consumers , agro-processing firms using healthy nutritious products from rate fluctuations and also greatly helps the rural economy and environment


  • Makes small scale farming competitive – access to latest irrigation and other technologies, marketing channels and information
  • Assured market for their produce at their doorsteps, reducing risk of production, marketing and transaction costs with crop insurance and schemes
  • Ensures higher production of better quality, financial support in cash and /or kind and technical guidance to the farmers. with an assured price

Agro processing firms:

  • Optimally utilize their installed capacity, infrastructure and manpower, and respond to food safety and quality concerns of the consumers.
  • Ensures consistent supply of agricultural produce with quality, at right time and lesser cost.
  • Make direct private investment in agricultural activities.

Prepare your own menu at GFV Community Kitchen

If you have a tasty menu in mind let us make it with the best natural ingredients in your own style. You can prepare, pack or gift your or your dear ones’ menus by visiting directly to the community kitchen or through video call with our home chef with natural ingredients directly from farms. Let it be food products, hair oils or other processed or fresh natural cosmetics.

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