Good Food Village

Our Approach

We strive to make agriculture a profitable business with positive social and environmental impact through natural farming multiplying farmers income reducing dependency on rain-fed agriculture to change cropping patterns using training, knowledge, and technology. We are establishing “Good Food Villages” creating food forests with support from all the sections of the society.


  • Transformation of Agriculture into a community based self reliant, sustainable system rebalancing our relationship with nature making positive social and environmental impact
  • Rural development through healthy & nutritional food production cycle for better living with sustainable income bringing employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in villages

Expected impact of the work: –

Transform few villages into sustainable organic villages multiplying farmers income improving rural economy through entrepreneurship and employment.  Establish  farmers markets with food hubs, food exchanges, community kitchens associating with Farmer Groups, FPOs, NGOs with a fair trade marketing system

Our Story

It all started in 2015 with a humble beginning of promoting organic products. It was very rare to see farmers practicing Organic farming and products were priced very high due to low yield. This inspired us to venture into Natural farming practices which are sustainable and profitable.

Now we started establishing Good Food Villages inspiring farmers to practice Natural farming creating food forests and better environment

Meet the Team

We are a group of people passionate about Natural farming to create positive impact in human health and environment. Sudheer Kumar and Leela Lakshman lead the Team along with Good Food Village Community Members, farmers and other staff members.


Whatsapp  (+91) 735 879 3579