Managed Community  Farms, Natural Products & Services – towards Food Sovereignty

Let Us Plant One Million Fruit Trees Every Year

We work towards food sovereignty through  community based sustainable, resilient food & agriculture system combining traditional knowledge with modern technologies to nourish Life and Earth

We are developing managed community farms  creating “Syntropic Food Forests” & “Agroforestry” for organic products at fair price for consumers and sustainable income of farmers and investors.

It’s a team of  consumers, farmers, FPOs, SHGs, NGOs, Government & Private Organizations  interested in making a positive social and environmental impact with sustainable development of the rural community through  employment & entrepreneurship opportunities. 


Buy Community Products - Experience Agrotourism

Buy Organic  and Natural Healthy Products from real farmer communities at a fair price while supporting sustainable development. 

Subscribe for Natural Products, Health & Good Food Events  with cost benefits and supporting producers.

Experience Good Food, rural village life, community  programs, natural farming, food and health events  through agrotourism and good returns on investment through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) 

Good Food Village Community Farm Products!

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