Good Food Village

Vision: –

To create community based transparent, resilient food & agriculture system  that nourish the health of the people and the planet

Mission: –

  • Create “Good Food Villages” with various community engagement programmes for changing cropping patterns to increase farmer’s income

  • Create employment and entrepreneurship opportunities through cottage industries and community plant nurseries

  • Promote “Food Forest” plantation model for more fruit trees, medicinal trees & herbs combining traditional knowledge with modern technologies for better health, environment and economy

Expected impact of the work: –

  • Transform  few villages through sustainable agriculture,  multiplying farmers income with better environment.
  • Improve the rural economy through entrepreneurship and employment with Good Food hubs, cottage industries, food exchanges, community kitchens associating with women SHGs, Farmer Groups, FPOs, NGOs
  • Measure the various positive impacts on soil, water, air,  environment, rural economy, health, biodiversity, productivity, energy & resources, health, nutrition & society using Good Food Village Platform
  • Ensure transparency and traceability of the products to the consumers, community and their contribution towards making positive social and environmental impact
  • Make healthy nutritious food available & affordable to all sections of the society
  • Replicate and scale up to multiple areas working with governments and organisations
Our Approach
  • Increase farmers income by changing cropping patterns to improve rural economy and environment

  • Combine technology with traditional knowledge and practises 

  • Bring efficiency, transparency and traceability in entire farming and food processing cycle using latest technologies
    Transform agriculture into a community based self-reliant, sustainable system through various community engagement programs 
Good Food Village Model
Our Story
  • It all started in 2015 promoting organic products. It was very rare to see farmers practicing organic farming due to low yield. The products were priced very high with low quality and no traceability of the product regarding its benefits which made low demand among consumers.  This inspired us to venture into good agriculture practices which are sustainable, profitable creating a model “Good Food Village” community as a proof of concept
  • Now we are establishing a model Good Food Village in Villupuram district and nearby areas  in Tamilnadu,  inspiring farmers to follow Good Agricultural Practises creating food forests for better income and  environment
Meet the Team

We are a group of people passionate about Agro-forestry to create a positive impact in human health and environment. Sudheer Kumar leads the Team along with Good Food Village Community Members, farmers, FPOs, women SHGs, NGOs, staff members, consumers and others.


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